Choosing the Best Video Streaming Service

Netflix, Hulu Plus, or, Amazon Prime.  Which service best fits your video streaming needs?

Streaming services are more popular than ever, and for us the consumers, it’s for good reason.  Cable and broadband providers are obviously not too happy about this as their shares continue to dip but they had a good run.  Streaming services are affordable, allow consumers to bypass commercials, and oftentimes don’t require long term contracts.

For busy adults like us whose TV time is limited,  having a streaming account is a no-brainer.  The question you should ask yourself is which service best fits you?  The first thing you should do when selecting the best fit for you is review the TV Series/Movie List for each service to see what they offer.  Luckily for you, we’ve found just the place to begin that search thanks to our friends at

I am a big proponent of Netflix ($7.99/month for unlimited streaming) simply because of their variety of shows but some of our Geeks use Hulu+ and rave about it.  We recommend picking out which shows you want to watch, sign up for the service and once you run out of things to watch, switch it up!