Spotify. Simply the Best

If you haven’t tried Spotify yet, you’re missing out. I’d be willing to be that the last time you had your windows down in the car and your favorite jam came on, it wasn’t being played via cassette tape.  CD? Maybe, but doubtful.

spotSimilar to the streaming mania that has cable companies scrambling for dear life, music (and the way we listen to it) is changing and streaming services are reaping the rewards.  As you might expect with such a trend, companies offering streaming music are increasing each day.  What does this mean for us, the consumer?  It means we have options to choose from.  Plenty of them.

While there are several obvious options for free streaming such as Pandora, I Heart Radio, or Slacker, if you’re willing to pay for your music, Spotify (who just announced that they have hit 15 million subscribers) has our vote.  While these free services are great, you still have to suffer through the typical annoying features that come with free services such as ads, the inability to pick a specific song, and so on. Spotify premium allows you to play any song, anytime, ad free.  You can even listen to music when your offline which is nice for long flights, road trips, or spending an afternoon on the boat.  They are currently offering the first 3 months for $.99 (after that it’s $9.99/month) and we suggest you take advantage of it.