Google Fiber: Waiting Through the Calm

A recent post in the Louisville newspaper Courier-Journal, has noted that the process of bringing this service to Louisville is making progress. While Google and city officials are tight lipped about any specific details, one item of note is:

“…pending before the Metro Council is a measure that would allow a company to negotiate only one local franchise agreement — with metro government.”

which would ease the adoption process across all of Jefferson county, as there would be only one point of contact.  Rather than Google having to negotiate with “80 small suburban cities” individually, the agreement in place with Louisville Metro would apply to all of these cities. While it may seem a rather pedestrian detail, this is exactly the kind of i’s and t’s that must be dotted and crossed to make this large scoped process a reality.

On the competition front, this progress has not gone unnoticed. This article details several competitors putting in similar bids for fiber installation, as well as plans for ATT and TWC (which will soon be part of Charter, if the merger completes successfully) to upgrade services in the area. Charter has noted the desire and plan to “improve speeds” generically, while ATT has put forth the possibility of identically fast fiber service “within a year or so.”

Until we hear disaster has struck Google’s plan to bring service to Louisville, assume that no news (or little news)  is good. But if you need to have the latest scoop, go here and input your physical address and email address, and you’ll receive timely email updates from Google on any concrete progress on bringing fiber to your ‘hood.