Time Warner Vs. Google Fiber. Things are getting heated

Time Warner is not thrilled with the idea of Google Fiber setting up shop in the Louisville area. As Phillip Bailey from the Courier Journal reported, Time Warner is questioning whether the city has the authority to move to approve and regulate the necessary infrastructure.

As you might expect, this has drawn heavy criticism by Louisville residents.

Look, it makes sense that Time Warner would oppose this move as it would obviously have a negative effect on their business. On the other hand, one would be foolish to dismiss the positive effect Google Fiber would add to the Louisville community. It’s anyone’s guess as to how this will play out between Time Warner, Google, and the city of Louisville but one thing is for certain, you can guarantee that higher internet speed options will be available to residents in the very near future.

Due to many of your emails and submissions, we’ll continue to follow this story closely and chime in as often as possible. As we mentioned yesterday, if you want to be added to Google’s automatic updates list serve, go here to input your information.