Google Fiber: Telecom Titan Pushes Back

As the battle rages on for Google Fiber access in Louisville, the politics of the situation are starting to garner national news attention. The newest development shows that AT&T is not taking the most recent political swing sitting down. After the afore-blogged unanimous decision for Louisville Metro to allow third parties a measure to implement their cables on existing utility poles, AT&T has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that the city does not have the jurisdiction or authority to allow this.

While one could look at this as an attempt to keep their corporate claws in the closed-off market, one could also look at this from the perspective of government demanding of one business that their private property is to be open for use by other businesses – and for competing services.

Honestly, I can see their concern, as this does flirt with a very finite line between public/government property and private property. But the line does get blurry when its private property in use for public utilities…

Which is why I’ll leave that debate to professionals. Updates as the situation unfolds further.