Using Google like a Pro

Everyone wants to use their time more efficiently whether at work or on the go, and Google is that liaison to find the most accurate answers fast. Here are a few tips to get better results, faster…

  1. When searching for something, the easiest trick is to place your search between quotation marks.  Google will search for that phrase exactly, instead of other keywords that are commonly associated with that phrase. For example, “Best restaurants in Louisville”
  2. If your looking for something in particular on a certain website, type in your the desired website in the address bar, place a colon at the end of that website followed by a space, and then type your search item to find what your looking for. For example, Best restaurants in Louisville
  3. Combine Steps 1 & 2, for example… “ Best Restaurants in Louisville” * Make sure to include all information within the quotation marks so Google can find exactly what you’re looking for on that particular website.
  4. If you’re looking for information within a particular time frame, make sure to include two periods between the dates themselves. For example, “Best restaurants in Louisville 2000 .. 2016”.

These steps will help pin point the exact information you need without wasting your time. Happy searching!