3 Things to know about iOS 11 and the iPhone 8

Earlier this month, Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. If you’re not familiar with the WWDC, it’s an annual event which essentially serves as Apple’s state of the union. A time where Apple typically introduces new products and software updates for existing products.

The 2017 unveiled the watchOS 4, macOS Sierra, and (most important to us) iOS 11. Here are 3 things we took away from the iOS 11 revelation.

1) Launch Date

iOS 11 will launch in September which is right around the time we’d expect the next iPhone to be released. Notice how we didn’t just assume it would be called the iPhone 8? That’s because this September marks the 10th anniversary of hte iPhone so it wouldn’t shock us if Apple went off the beaten path and called it’s latest release the iPhoneX or something similar.

2) The next iPhone will have AR

During the conference, Apple spent quite a bit of time pumping up AR in iOS 11. ARKit (that’s what they’re calling it) aims to make Apple the largest AR platform in the world overnight. We shall see.

3) HomePod Integration

Apple’s answer to Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home is HomePod. While Apple didn’t spend a tone of time on this during the WWDC, our engineers tell us that the integration between HomePod and iPhone’s and iPad’s is a foregone conclusion.