Reasons why your company needs an Intranet

Many of our clients have found that having an Intranet site is an effective way for companies to share company news, drive productivity and allow staff to exchange information securely. Improving employee engagement is a key challenge for companies in this day in age, especially when you consider the growing number of employees who work remotely. By logging into a communal space every day, employees remain connected to each other and the companies mission.

Employees spend 20% of each workweek looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks.

1) Improve Communication

Many of our clients have multiple locations or have employees that work remotely, which can make it difficult for colleagues to share ideas, connect with each other, and tap into existing expertise and insight. Even in the Information Age, employees tend to become isolated from each other and from management, leading to a “silo mentality.” A well-run Intranet site can break down communication barriers while enabling a clear and direct channel of communication among staff and management.

2) Document Management

The average employee spends 54 business (21%) days reading, filing, and replying to emails each year. While some email collaboration is necessary, an Intranet that stores important documents which are easily accessible by employees can greatly improve productivity. Many companies are relying on an Intranet to improve Human Resource Management, making it a central source for insurance forms, vacation requests, and streamlining the hiring and onboarding process.

3) Discussion Forums

No matter what industry you’re in, odds are, your employees face similar tasks on a regular basis. At Louisville Geek, our employees are regularly tasked with troubleshooting complex technical problems for our clients. Rather than simply closing the ticket and moving on, we encourage our employees to post the issue they encountered in the forum with an explanation detailing their approach to solving the issue. Oftentimes, the same issue will arise for a different client or engineer so, rather than start from nothing, the engineer will simply cross-reference the forum which typically saves the engineer time to resolve the issue.

4) Employee Recognition

By recognizing employees, businesses can ensure a positive organizational climate and many businesses have found that having an Intranet site is an effective tool to ensure employees receive the appreciation they deserve. Many Intranet sites that we’ve built feature Employee of the Month posts or recognize employees on their birthdays. At Louisville Geek, all new employees to provide a selfie and fill out a brief questionnaire which then gets posted on our Intranet. The survey includes questions about their hobbies and other things that interest them outside of work to enable their colleagues to get to know the new employee on a more personal level.