Cloud Storage

Cloud computing and big data are more than just buzzwords associated with large enterprises. Today, data-driven cloud solutions are driving transformation for businesses of all sizes. The cloud brings together business applications and familiar productivity tools to help you better understand your customers and your performance.

Everything around us is increasingly measured, which means every business is effectively a data-driven one. The trick is in figuring out how to use that data to your advantage. Intelligent business solutions combine people, data, systems, and processes for a real-time view of what’s going on. With that holistic view of performance, and insight into data shifts as they happen, you can make more successful decisions, like determining where and how to engage customers and which services to offer.

Cloud-based business solutions can also accelerate your transformation. Often when small businesses grow organically into larger operations, IT does not keep pace and scale in a standardized or centralized way. By moving to the cloud, you can connect everyone across the company with the information needed to respond faster to both customer requests and market changes. This kind of flexible, data-driven solution is more time and cost efficient and keeps you focused on what’s next.

At Louisville Geek, your data is actively monitored and handled by our secure network. You never need to worry about your data again with our safe and vigilant service. Whether your company is large or small, we cater to your needs. Our cost effectiveness is hard to rival in this ever-changing competitive market. Our pricing is capable of meeting any business need.

Why the Cloud?

  • We fit you: Scalable as large or as small as you want
  • Cost effective: We reduce your costs with low storage overhead
  • Smart: We have active analytics running on your cloud storage
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