Help Desk

Many technical problems can be resolved through a simple phone conversation, and the members of Louisville Geek’s Help Desk are here to answer your calls. Our Help Desk engineers provide quality customer service from our office in Louisville, saving you the expense of an onsite visit. These trained professionals are readily available to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues you may encounter with software and hardware.

Some beneficial services of the Help Desk are:

  • Monitoring Software: The functionality of your devices is monitored in real time through remote monitoring software. By using this software, engineers can detect and remove threats that may harm your hardware and data.
  • Online Live Support: Your workforce will remain productive. Our engineers will assist you and your employees by remotely connecting to devices. Password resets, software updates and diagnostics are just a few of the resolutions that are accomplished through remote connections.
  • Customer Service: You will receive knowledgeable customer service from resourceful and accredited technicians, who are US-based in-house staff.