Our Takeaways from Microsoft Ignite 2020

Every year, Microsoft hosts a conference to showcase the latest developments with their products. Attended by IT professionals, developers, and influencers, it’s an opportunity to dive into some technical training, explore new tools, get questions answered by Microsoft experts, and connect with professionals in the industry from all over the globe.

Held virtually this year, Microsoft created an experience for attendees that did not disappoint. Free of charge and open to those with a Microsoft account, attendees were able to build their agenda by selecting sessions each day according to what they were interested in attending. If you wanted to save a session to reference later or to share with someone, you had the option to “Save it to my backpack”.

This year’s event focused on Microsoft’s Modern Workplace and new solutions aimed at adapting to the new normal for the current remote workforce. Virtual sessions like “Ask the Expert”, table talks, and new additions with Teams, among many other insightful sessions, gave attendees a glimpse of what to expect for the future of work.

After three days of insightful, engaging, and valuable sessions with technology leaders from around the globe, we are excited to share some of our highlights and takeaways from this year’s conference.

Here are a few new features we are excited about using in our office and sharing with our customers.

Microsoft Teams Enhanced Collaboration and Teamwork

Not only do we recommend Microsoft Teams to every single one of our clients, but we use it in our office in every single component of work, individual or collaboration, with our colleagues. Even as an IT company, we are forced to be creative with the tools at our disposal to work together productively, even when we cannot be together.

Together Mode

The Together Mode, which rolled out just this month, will offer additional scenes featuring auditoriums, conference rooms, and a coffee shop, available later this year. There will also be an option to scale and center participants in each scene regardless of where or how close they are sitting to their cameras.

If your meeting needs a brainstorming session or to make an announcement pertinent to specific individuals in the group, Teams now offers breakout sessions. Presenters can break their team out into separate meetings and bring everyone back into the main room when they are ready.

Teams Recap Notes

Participants who were unable to attend a meeting will now have access to a meeting recap, which includes the meeting recording, transcript, chat, shared files and more. The recap will also be available in your Outlook calendar by going to the meeting event.

Teams Presenter Mode

Also, presenters will no longer have to share their screens with attendees. Now, presenters will have the option to select presenter mode and share a presentation within the meeting, with all attendees. The presenter can “pin” themselves next to a PowerPoint deck and share it as needed.

Microsoft Teams and Headspace

Finally, we were thrilled to see Microsoft offer additional tools that took into consideration the unforeseen stresses of working from home. With the partnership of Headspace, individuals will now have the option to schedule time in their workday to meditate. This provides people an opportunity to bring some mindfulness into their workday; before it starts, before a presentation, or at the conclusion. Protect Time, another application aimed at boosting productivity and well-being of the remote workforce, encourages users to set aside time for personal commitments and focus time.

Multiple features are rolling out soon, and while we would love to review all of them, we encourage you all to read up on all of the exciting additions coming to Teams. If you are interested in more information or want to know how to start implementing this tool in your workplace, give us a call. We have a team of seasoned professionals ready to help you stay connected.

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