Google’s Take on Two-step Verification

With cybersecurity at the forefront of main stream news on a daily basis consumers are looking for any edge they can get to stay ahead of hackers. Google has developed the latest device to capitalize on this trend.  They call it the Security Key.

The latest trend in personal cyber security is two step verification, a strategy that forces the user to access their accounts by getting passed a second layer of security aside from your text entered password.

For Google’s product, this comes in the form of a USB device that you plug into your computer, making it impossible for hackers to access your account. Because you have to physically insert the device into the machine to access your accounts, hackers cant get in remotely, which is what makes them so dangerous.

There is one downside to the device and it seems to be a fairly important one.  You have to be in chrome to secure the account your using.  So if you are in Mozilla accessing a password protected account, your Security Key will have no affect.

For more information on the device or other second layer security options visit these sites: