Structured Cabling is a critical and necessary component of any organization’s framework. It is what connects all devices used within a business into one functioning and reliable system. Since cabling supports a wide range of applications, the type of cabling install and organization will vary depending on the size of your business and what it needs. For the majority, a cabling system ensures a well-organized and dependable network infrastructure that lasts.

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customized structured cabling

Cabling is customizable for an organizations’ growth, relocation, or expansion, a structured cabling install will support anything your business needs. It’s unique to your business and will grow as your business grows. Start with the framework now and scale up as you need.

professional cable installers

A professionally planned cable install will save your business downtime and increase productivity. In the event a problem arises, our engineers can locate and determine the problem quickly because they know exactly where to go and what to do.

high bandwidth

Structured cabling provides high bandwidth which makes it adaptable to any network changes. Higher bandwidth allows for future additions to be integrated into your business easily and quickly and results in overall high performance and growth for your company.

Voice and Data

Voice and Data cabling is the backbone of a solid network, so it’s important to select a qualified cabling provider. This cabling integrates devices like PC’s, telephones, fax machines, and printers into your data and phone technology, and utilizes power over ethernet technology to power equipment like cameras, wireless access points, and phones. Our Cabling team will design and customize your installation to meet the needs and challenges of your location. Our team will clean up your server rack and be available for any troubleshooting needs well after the install has been completed. Equipped to install cabling lines like Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7 and fiber optic, Louisville Geek will take care of your install from beginning to end.

voice and data low voltage services
video surveillance low voltage services


Business security goes far beyond protecting digital information. In order to properly protect your assets, including the information and technology that propels it forward, a comprehensive plan must include physical security measures. While locks, gates, and cages surrounding important pieces of equipment is vital, a proper video surveillance system that gives you the ability to monitor your property remotely, in real-time and with stored records, has become a necessity.


Implementing an access control system protects your physical and digital environment. Used by many businesses, an access control system regulates who can enter a building and when. A safe and reliable security solution, you can receive real time monitoring and data that will reveal the comings and goings of your staff and visitors at any given moment and day. Your company will save money by not having to make new keys or change locks because a business can remove an employee’s access digitally. Big or small, Louisville Geek will design and customize an access control plan that fits your business. And by leveraging our vendor relationships, we will procure the latest equipment for your system at competitive pricing

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audio and video systems


There are multiple components to installing an audio & video system. Depending on the project, it’s important to consider such elements as the type of equipment, wiring & cabling needs, the location of the install project, and the acoustics. A well-executed installation has the potential of transforming your space and growing your business. Louisville Geek offers consultation and design services to ensure you will get the most out of your technology. And post-install, we will provide support for your troubleshooting or expansion needs. Our team has tackled the smallest projects to ones on a large scale.


Establish and scale a structured cabling system with Louisville Geek to ensure your business’s network infrastructure is well-organized and dependable. Louisville Geek will customize your cabling to support your specific needs and requirements.

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