Whether you’re looking for a trusted partner to help you leverage and manage Microsoft 365 or you’re trying to implement a secure database on Microsoft Azure, our service specialists can help.

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Easily manage and access your files from your office or remotely with secure, cloud-based storage systems.

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Gain insights into your business’s digital assets, allowing you to better understand your needs and optimize your expenses.

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With the full support of the Louisville Geek team, you’ll be able to implement the strategy that’s right for your business and get the support you need, when you need it.

Microsoft 365

Give your team the tools they need to communicate effectively, work remotely, and access their information on-the-go. With Microsoft 365, you’ll get Microsoft Outlook email services, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, combined with the file storage capabilities of OneDrive. These resources come combined with the support of Louisville Geek specialists ready to help you set-up and customize your platform and assist you when issues arise.

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From managing complex databases, maintaining web applications, to hosting and storing an entire enterprise worth of data, Microsoft Azure gives your business the capability to efficiently control and store your information. The dynamic architecture of Microsoft Azure and its continuously expanding assets, ensures that the resources will always be available to host and transmit your data securely while also being prepared to grow along with your needs.


When control, privacy and security is central to your strategy, a private cloud will allow you to leverage many of the benefits associated with public cloud platforms. In addition to the scalability, elasticity, and self-servicing benefits that cloud platforms provide, a private cloud will have increased privacy and security as a result of its hosting environment and the firewalls that protect your network. With the help of Louisville Geek, you can plan, develop, and maintain the ideal cloud environment that meets the unique needs of your business.

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Each custom application comes with its own set of unique needs and challenges. By partnering with Louisville Geek, you can leverage our extensive experience working with traditional and cloud-based IT systems, including Microsoft PowerApps (PowerAutomate, PowerBi and PowerApps) combined with our team of full-stack developers. Allowing you to leverage modern technologies, anticipate and adapt to obstacles, and grow more rapidly.


Facilitating the migration of company data between platforms can take a lot of time and requires the proper care to ensure that no data is lost or compromised. By partnering with us, your migration is in the hands of seasoned IT technicians that have managed countless migrations between all of the major platforms. Whether it’s an infrastructure upgrade or a transition between cloud providers, we can help you get the best deal, secure your assets, and overcome all of the challenges that come with adopting a new platform. 

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Work with local, experienced IT professionals that have spent years developing, designing, and deploying IT strategies for small, medium, and enterprise sized business. After years of designing and managing IT infrastructures and providing managed services for business in the medical, financial, and industrial industries, we’re prepared to make a comprehensive evaluation of your unique business and develop an IT strategy that will help your team work efficiently and be prepared for the future. 

Create the Perfect Foundation for Your Future Growth.

Each cloud platform offers their own set of unique benefits, but they all share one common benefit: the ability to seamlessly shrink and expand to accommodate your business’s needs as they arise. Allowing you to reduce costs and facilitate growth, without an upfront investment that could ultimately weight you down.

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