The Challenges of Keeping Your Website Updated

When you’re a company like Louisville Geek that offers website development as one of it’s services, one of the challenges we consistently encounter is investing our own time and resources into our very own website! As poor of an excuse as it may be, our web development team is constantly focusing their efforts towards client websites and, oftentimes, we neglect to update our own website on a consistent basis.

Having been in web development business for several years now, we know that this is a common problem among all development companies, not just Louisville Geek.  One bit of advice that we often communicate to our clients is that when you are selecting a company to develop  your website, we encourage you to focus your attention on their portfolio, not their website!

We’ve been working on our new website for the past few weeks and will start development on our next website this week.  The ‘webisphere’ is constantly changing and it’s up for us the developers to stay on top of the industry trends so that we can ensure that our clients are receiving the best ROI possible.

It’s a tough and challenging job but someone has to do it!  We hope you enjoy our new website!