A Platform for Facebook Messenger

Mark Zuckerberg recently introduced the new Messenger Platform at his recent San Francisco forum. Currently, only Facebook can add new features to its Messenger application. The Messenger Platform will allow “developers to create apps that hook into Messenger.” “The platform will improve workflow between apps by making it easier to share data among them,” giving consumers a much richer experience. There is also the opportunity for businesses to communicate directly and more personally with their customers through the Messenger which most consumers would find to be a great experience.

All forms of messaging have become so popular that Facebook wants to stay on the bandwagon and exploit it as much as possible. “They had to do something to make Messenger more relevant compared to the other solutions out there that people have adopted and are more flexible,” Zuckerberg told some 2,000 developers attending the forum in San Francisco .

With regards to businesses, “They’re trying to give Messenger all the features the other messenger apps have and doing more by reaching out to e-commerce. It’s an aggressive goal – but Facebook is an aggressive company.” To read more about the Messenger Platform, click here.