What exactly is the Cloud?

Ever wonder what exactly “the cloud” is, and why it is such a big topic in IT infrastructure? The simplest answer is that the cloud is a framework for running all of your needed applications, storing needed data, and allowing these resources to be accessible over any internet connection. This framework has numerous benefits over the traditional network environment: accessibility, security, reliability, and almost ever expandable.


All data and programs are stored in an isolated environment—secure from other data, programs, and security risks, unlike a standard office network environment. From the cloud, information security becomes more easily managed by narrowing down the avenues of access and potential exploitation.


Your programs and information are available through any internet connection, all across the globe. As long as you can get on the web, your data will be accessible—without the need to deploy a cumbersome and complicated VPN solution to an internal office network.


Information and services are stored in redundant and “always on” environments to achieve and maintain the ideal 99.999% reliability in network infrastructure. These redundant environments are meant to protect against availability threats as simple as failed hardware, or as complicated as complete environment disaster recovery.


With the ever growing popularity of cloud services, providers are able to expand and allocate their hosting resources to meet the ever-changing needs of any client. Quickly add or remove compute and data storage resources, and reliably budget for IT services using convenient “pay per usage” schemas– compared to the unknown and ever changing cost of hardware replacement and maintenance.

Is “the Cloud” the right solution for you or your business?

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