eCommerce Tips and Tricks

Ecommerce is a multi billion dollar industry and is expected to grow by 20% in 2015. If these forecasts hold true, this number will grow to $1.5 trillion (globally) by the time the ball drops in 2016. Online shopping is convenient and, oftentimes, more cost effective for the consumer.

Louisville Geek has been building eCommerce websites for our customer base for nearly a decade. We’ve seen many of these flourish in the eCommerce sector but we’d also like to point out that online business is not for everyone. We’ve met with clients who have come into the initial meeting 100% set on having us build them an eCommerce website and left our office with a completely different mindset because we posed questions that they hadn’t yet thought of.

All that said, when eCommerce websites are well thought out and consistently groomed and maintained, businesses have a sales representative that works around the clock year-round and doesn’t collect overtime pay! If you’ve ever thought about offering your services or products online, below is a list of questions suggestions and things that we would recommend you to consider before moving forward.

  1. How do your competitors pricing models compare with yours?
  2. What shipping options will you utilize?
  3. What competitive advantage will your online store offer that makes your business model more appealing than your competition?
  4. Do you plan on adding more products/services at a later date?
  5. How will you handle customer service related inquiries (e.g. returns, questions on products/services, etc.)?
  6. What do you want your call to action to be and where do you want it located on the website?
  7. Who will keep the website updated on a regular basis?
  8. What search terms do you envision potential customers typing in to find your products and services?
  9. Do you have detailed product and service descriptions?
  10. Once the online store is built, how do you plan on driving traffic to your website?
  11. What actions, if any, have you taken to ensure that your online business meets all compliance regulations, tax obligations, etc.?