Data Protection

Protect your organization with the most powerful firewall security

Data protection is one of the biggest challenges that companies face today. Incorporating reliable and effective data security services, along with the right expertise to ensure end-to-end security is  a challenge both small and large businesses face day in and day out. When it comes to Cyber security threats, there are no boundaries. Every organization in the world is a prospective target, which is why Louisville Geek offers comprehensive plans to provide a full range of capabilities to achieve data security and safety.

Attaining the right balance in authorizing user access while ensuring no irrelevant information is made visible are also challenges that organizations struggle to overcome. Classification of sensitive data, vulnerabilities, file monitoring, blocking, encryption, and alerts are a few of the skills that we implement when monitoring your data. We help secure sensitive data across most environments. Cloud, big data, and file systems are a few of the environments we safeguard.

Ensure data is safe

  • Real-time diagnostics and identification of threats
  • Ensure the safety of your business with automated data compliance
  • Protect your sensitive data by encrypting your hardware

Your Data Risk

  • Understand who is accessing your data
  • Backup services are offered to prevent data loss
  • Constant monitoring of your data through scanning and analyzation tools