Managing the IT needs of an enterprise requires the combination of a comprehensive strategy, diligent monitoring, regular maintenance, and a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians to tie it all together. At Louisville Geek, we provide the team to help businesses like yours succeed in all of those areas; allowing you to focus on what you do best, while we take care of the rest.

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By partnering with the engineers and project managers at Louisville Geek, you’ll be able to put a comprehensive strategy in place that facilitates success today and growth tomorrow.

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Drive growth by leveraging innovative technologies backed by our team of seasoned engineers, technicians, and service specialists.

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Provide your team with comprehensive support that helps them push past obstacles and teaches them how to better leverage the tools they use daily.


Don’t let the technologies that support your business slow you down. When an IT issue occurs, ensure your employees have access to the help they need with a dedicated support team of Louisville Geek IT technicians and service specialists. When the need arises, our team can assist yours by providing in-depth guidance, connecting remotely through peer-to-peer screen sharing, or by scheduling a technician for an on-site visit. 

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Information Technology is a continuously evolving field. As the needs of businesses and the technologies that support them become more complex, so do the skills and security measures needed to keep them secure and properly performing. Evaluating and implementing these rapidly developing advancements internally can be a daunting task. With the support from the IT specialists at Louisville Geek, it’s in the hands of professionals passionate about IT and eager to pursue its advancements for your business’s success.


Leverage Louisville Geek’s long-standing relationships with a wide range of industry leading partners to get the best price for each piece of technology that keeps your business moving forward. Whether you’re a small business in need of a few computers or a large Enterprise with complex and dynamic needs, we can facilitate the evaluation, procurement, and negotiations for each piece of technology that empowers your business. 


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Vendor Relationship Management

Over the past 15 years, we’ve developed strong partnerships with industry-leading technology companies like Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, SonicWALL and many others, to bring the latest technologies to our customers at the best value possible. These relationships have allowed our team members to gain access to a large range of resources not typically available to new vendor partners. This gives us the ability to deliver a high-level of service through increased product awareness and a deeper understanding of the challenges each of them face in their respective markets. By partnering with Louisville Geek, you’ll immediately be able to leverage each of these relationships to save time and money for your business.

Infrastructure Management

The dynamic challenges an enterprise faces when maintaining their IT infrastructure requires an immense amount of experience, knowledge, and manpower to overcome. By partnering with Louisville Geek, that’s exactly what you’ll get. With the help of our diverse group of engineers, technicians, and project managers; your business’s IT infrastructure will be meticulously planned, monitored, maintained, and ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

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Get the support your enterprise needs, backed by a team that has the expertise to keep your business moving forward.

Elevate your business with comprehensive support from a team of local, highly educated engineers, technicians, and service specialists. Whether you’re looking to completely outsource your business’s IT needs, provide your existing IT team with an expansive support system, or leverage a specific service on an as needed basis, we have a plan that will help you achieve your goals.

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