A successful help desk encompasses many elements that make up a well-rounded IT resource desk. Each of these elements come together to offer first class service for our clients to meet their specific business needs. Our curated workflow is designed to provide swift ticket resolution and prompt customer service.

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Organizations use a variety of operating systems, databases, software suites, and applications every day. Our Help Desk Technicians possess a wide range of certifications and are equipped with the understanding and knowledge to support your business and its network.

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Providing the right solution requires multiple service options that will best fit client needs. We offer both remote and onsite support to address problems such as critical system issues, significant network interruptions, or when making system changes and accessing data points.

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Maintaining a strong technology infrastructure is crucial to the foundation of your business, which is why our team dedicates time each month to perform a thorough health check on your network.

Tiered Support Skill Sets

Being certified in a wide variety of software platforms, hardware, and general troubleshooting knowledge means that our team is equipped with the skills and aptitude to service a multitude of technical issues for our clients at any given time. We encourage our help desk technicians to maintain a minimum of 4 hours per month on training in any field relevant to today’s tech industry. Our technicians invest time in keeping their skill set up to date and are credible, dedicated, and competent to tackle any problem.

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24/7 Service Desk

24/7 Support

24/7 IT support provides your business with actionable, real-time support when it is needed most. Your business will receive support for issues when they occur, regardless of the time of day. Louisville Geek understands there are time sensitive issues that need attention right away.  Louisville Geek’s 24/7 IT Support offers your business operational stability and minimizes the chances of reoccurring issues.

Ticket Response Time

Providing support within a reasonable amount of time is one of the first steps in offering top-notch service. In order to meet the varying needs of our clients in a timely fashion, our team keeps a constant watch on all tickets that are submitted and their response time. Constantly monitoring these response times ensures each ticket progresses and reaches a resolution. Not only does our ticket software offer status updates, time response updates, and priority level assignments based on Service Level Agreement, our team uses an external software system that is displayed on screens throughout the office. Help Desk Technicians can see the status of each incoming ticket.

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A good help desk has the right processes and tools in place to maneuver ticket requests of any nature. A GREAT help desk has the right team in place to streamline these processes and workflow. Each of these Geeks serves a very important role to ensure each ticket is completed and resolved to our client’s expectations. Our Help Desk team works together to deliver the best service possible because together, everyone achieves more.

Jessica Marr - Support Desk Manager



Cody Parks - Engineer Manager



Jeff Emonz - Managing Partner



Ticket Management and Escalation

Being able to manage incoming ticket requests is a crucial component to the life cycle of a healthy IT Help Desk. Having a strong ticket management and escalation system centralize communication from our clients to our help desk. This process streamlines the workflow and ensures we can address service requests in a timely fashion, according to the nature of the ticket. In addition to the right software, we have designated team members in place to help facilitate the flow of incoming tickets. Our Support Desk Manager and Engineer Manager review every incoming ticket to ensure that each request is being appropriately managed by the right technician in the right time frame, according to its Service Level Agreement Status and Priority Level. Our Dispatcher Manager coordinates all service requests by scheduling onsite and remote work and manages communication with our clients on the progress of their tickets.

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Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service requires every member of our team to be engaged with the success and satisfaction of each of our clients. The Technical Concierge Service Team on our Help Desk ensures all service requests received from a direct call in, email, or through the online service request form are successfully created into a ticket and entered into our help desk queue. Our clients have a direct technical liaison for their questions, updates, and any general needs. Upon completion of their ticket, each client receives a survey to give our team feedback on their performance. This feedback is important to our growth, professionally and personally, and helps us to continue to improve ways on how we provide customer service.

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