When it comes to protecting your staff and business assets, one of your first considerations should be a professional-grade video surveillance monitoring system for onsite safety and security. Having a video security solution is an important component of a well-rounded security strategy and establishing one doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. In most cases, the security solution will pay for itself within months by deterring theft, reducing inventory shrink, preventing liability claims, and increasing employee confidence when issues arise.


Complete Approach

With a local provider like Louisville Geek, our security specialists can help you find the right solution for your needs. We will oversee every aspect of your system installation from start to finish, and deliver a successful outcome, in less time.

24/7 Monitoring

With the right equipment and an internet connection, you can have 24 hours of live video streams and recordings. Motion-detected notification alerts can be pushed to your email or mobile device (via SMS/text).

Conflict Resolution

Leverage your video surveillance system to resolve conflicts and liability claims. Recordings are proof of events that have taken place on your property and can be used to settle external and interpersonal conflicts among employees, management, or customers.


Our dedicated technician will guide you from beginning to end to customize the best solution to meet your surveillance needs. Your security solution is procured by Louisville Geek and comes pre-programmed, pre-configured, labeled, and fully integrated so that it is ready to go for installation. Once installed, our team will assist with any issues beyond the extent of product support and ensure the success and lifeline of your video surveillance system.

Product Configuration Services

Surveillance Video Management Software


Video Management Software is crucial to any surveillance system. With the right software tools in place, your organization can manage camera settings, video recordings, and receive alerts and notifications. You can continually meet the security needs of your business with a design system that reviews and analyzes records.  Our team will review all the software features with you and your team to determine which options to configure, ensuring that you maximize the full potential of your video surveillance system.


By leveraging flexible cloud storage, you can save and access your video files by simply logging into your account. The files are accessible from anywhere using a device with an internet connection, so it is important to set proper user permissions for individuals in your company. Since they are not stored locally, your videos will always be safe in the event any of your equipment is compromised. Louisville Geek will upload your videos on a schedule so that there is no impact on your network. We will also help you decide on the length of time to keep your files stored and maintain the proper archiving of your videos.

Cloud Storage
Video Surveillance Laws and Regulation


Navigating through video surveillance laws and regulations is a cumbersome challenge, but it’s a necessary evil. For this very reason, it’s important to consult with a team of professionals before considering putting your video surveillance into place. Louisville Geek will help you understand the guidelines and requirements that come along with a comprehensive video surveillance strategy so that your organization will be compliant with important regulations.


The capability of a video surveillance system is strengthened when it’s integrated into your organization’s ongoing IT infrastructure. With an IT Managed Services Integration, you can choose to have your video surveillance network on one single workstation and server configuration or, expand it to include multiple workstations and servers. Combine everything into one cohesive system and you’ll have full control. We will work with you to determine which type of integration works best for your current or planned IT environment.

IT Managed Services Integration

Be Prepared for the unforeseen and keep your business safe

When disaster strikes it can damage your business permanently and leave you scrambling to pick up the pieces. Don’t let that happen to your business. Contact our team today to start building your continuity plan and set up the infrastructure to protect your team and business assets.

Video Surveillance Client