Information security is one of the most rapidly evolving and complex problems present in today’s business landscape. To face these new challenges, we put together a team of dedicated security specialists. Giving us the ability to develop comprehensive security strategies, test existing infrastructures, and maintain a secure tech environment ready for these growing threats.

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Secure your access points, workstations, and digital assets with the help of certified security specialists that can deliver industry leading practices to both small and enterprise sized organizations.

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Keep your network protected from the increasing threat of cyber-attacks facing SMBs and Enterprises with the latest firewalls managed by our experienced team of network engineers.

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Keep your employees and customers safe with a 24-hour video surveillance system that allows real-time monitors and archived footage for future review.


Cyber security attacks happen fast and most of the time go completely undetected until it’s too late. That’s why we’re enabling businesses, just like yours, to proactively monitor and defend themselves from active threats to their business’s IT infrastructure. With the help of our team of certified security specialists, you’ll have the tools to prevent ransomware, secure your network, and detect active threats as they happen. 


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One of the newest, and fastest-growing necessities in today’s business landscape, Cyber Security is now a must-have for small, medium, and enterprise-sized businesses. To accommodate this need, we have brought together a team experienced security specialists to work side-by-side with our engineers and technicians, enabling us to properly establish best practices in your workforce, secure your network, protect access points, and adhere to the stringent standards set forth by industry regulators.

Industry Compliance

Ensure your business is adhering to the requirements set forth by your industry regulators. While most businesses need basic security measures to protect customer and employee information, others are required to follow a more detailed approach guided by industry specific frameworks such as: HIPAA, CIS, NIST, ISO, PCI, HITRUST, FFIEC, SEC and more. With the help of our dedicated information security and compliance team, you’ll be able to understand your industry related needs and properly protect your assets to secure your business and its future.

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Don’t wait until it’s too late, properly protect your business and the digital assets that keep it running.

With 43% of cyber-attacks targeting SMBs and 60% of SMBs closing within six months of a data breach, it has never been more critical for all businesses to defend themselves from data breaches. Contact Louisville Geek today to discuss your challenges and set in motion the security plan that’s right for your business.

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