How to Open a Pages File on a Windows 10 Computer

If you are a Windows user who frequently collaborates with Mac users, there may be times when you need to edit or view a Pages file on a Windows device. If you happened to stumble upon this article, chances are you are experiencing that very issue. We’re happy to inform you that you’ve come to the right place.

Pages, the Apple version of Microsoft Word, comes free on Mac devices and (as you may have guessed) does not mesh well when introduced to a Windows environment.

There are some simple steps to convert these files to view and edit them on a PC.

Converting a Pages file on a Mac to Microsoft Word

To convert a Pages file on your Mac, open the document and go to File. Select Export To and then Word. From here, a dialogue box will provide you with options for exporting this document. You can password protect your file and change the file extension located under Advanced Options.

Choose a title to save your document under in the Save As box. Be sure to select the location of where you would like the document to be stored. Once that is completed, you can finish the process by selecting Export.

Opening a Pages file on Microsoft Word

There are two methods for openings a Pages file on a PC. Each serves its purpose, depending on what the user needs to do with that file.


The easiest and most recommended way to open a Page file on a PC is to use iCloud. Creating an Apple ID account is free and offers 1GB of free iCloud storage. If you frequently work with Page documents on your PC, it might be worth the time to create an account. An Apple device is not required to create an iCloud account, but keep in mind that your account will be available only through the web without one.

Once logged into your account, head over to the Pages icon and upload your file. You can do this by dragging it from your desktop or by clicking the cloud icon. Once uploaded, you can view and edit the document while still in your iCloud account, or you export it to a .doc or Docx file and make edits to it from your computer. If your preference is the latter, simply click on Tools and then Download a Copy and choose the file formats. Once saved, you can open the file with Microsoft Word.

.zip Extension

With an easy file extension change, you can open a Pages file on your PC.

Right-click on the .pages file and select Rename. Change the “.pages” extension to the “.zip” extension and hit Enter to save the extension name change. Open your newly renamed .zip file to access the Pages content within Microsoft Word.

If you decide to use this option, be sure to have file extensions visible in Windows so that you can make the extension change.

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