Introducing the Arctic Wolf IR JumpStart Retainer

Oftentimes, the most successful businesses are the ones who learn to adapt to the changing world. Where would Netflix be today had it not transitioned from DVD rental to streaming? Do you think Amazon would be a $1.30 trillion business had they remained solely an online bookstore? It’s a simple truth: Times change, and consumer expectations change as well.

Our job as an MSP is to prioritize cybersecurity for our clients. We must ensure that our clients understand that nobody is off-limits when it comes to cyberattacks. Attackers target SMB’s because they are usually considered “low hanging fruit,” and don’t have advanced protection.  One of the most important steps an organization can take is ensuring they have an incident response plan in place.

Until recently, most incident response plans haven’t delivered. Most IR retainers require a pricey, up-front cost and the clients wind up spending thousands of dollars right out of the gate. Oftentimes, the retainers are prepaid hours that usually winds up as a “use them or lose them” scenario. Finally, most IR retainers don’t include planning and assistance!

Like Netflix and Amazon, our partners at Arctic Wolf have recognized the litany of issues with traditional IR retainers, and have taken a new approach.

Introducing the Arctic Wolf IR JumpStart Retainer

The Arctic Wolf IR JumpStart retainer is a game changer because it provides all the benefits of traditional incident response retainers plus IR planning assistance, without the prepaid minimum hours. Click here to read more.

Benefits of the Arctic Wolf IR JumpStart Retainer

  • 1-hour response time
  • IR planning resources
  • Discounted hourly rate post-incident
  • Cyber insurance approved IR team
  • Complimentary incident scoping call

Find out how Arctic Wolf’s IR JumpStart Retainer can benefit your business.

See why IR JumpStart Retainer prepares your organization and reduces incident fallout if crisis strikes.

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