Skype Retires This Summer

Launched in 2017, Microsoft Teams has quickly become one of the top collaboration tools for the modern work environment. Since that launch, Teams continues to receive new features regularly, so it’s not surprising to see one of its legacy applications, Skype for Business Online, get officially put to bed.

Why is Microsoft retiring Skype for Business Online?

Microsoft Teams Product Marketing Manager James Skay says, “Over the last two years, we’ve worked closely with the customer to refine Teams, and now we feel we’re at the point that we can confidently recommend it as an upgrade to all Skype for Business Online customers.”

Microsoft continues to grow the Teams collaboration platform daily to bring an upgraded experience and high performing tool to users everywhere, which means it is positioned to confidently take over Skype and be the default primary collaboration tool.

What does this mean for Skype users?

After July 31, 2021, of this year, Skype for Business Online will officially retire and no longer be available to use. Until then, customers can use the service as they have been and add users as needed. The retirement announcement came in 2019, which should have given users and organizations plenty of time  to plan their migration strategies. Any clients insistent on using Skype for Business Online until its official retirement date can still communicate with those who have already migrated from the tool. Microsoft has committed to ensuring Teams and Skype work in tandem with each other the first half of this year, so there shouldn’t be any communication breakdown.

Microsoft will continue supporting Skype for Business Online until it retires, but there will no longer be updates or software fixes for the platform.

Need Help?

New Microsoft365 customers have been onboarded to Microsoft Teams as the default collaboration platform, but if you and your organization still have not migrated over, contact us today. We can help your organization plan a successful transition over to Microsoft Teams.

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