The Top 5 Websites for IT Advice

The information technology industry moves at an admittedly impressive pace. Staying current with the latest news, alerts, guidance and recommendations is a challenge in any field, but the task is particularly difficult when administering networks, managing cybersecurity and coordinating an organization’s technical systems and software. Fortunately, numerous websites are dedicated to assisting technology professionals maintain their knowledge and expertise. Here are five top websites Louisville Geek recommends for IT advice. 

 1 Gartner 

Long a respected international technology research consultancy publishing advisory reports and conducting industry conferences and seminars, Gartner provides an extensive range of analyses, insights and guidance for information technology managers, business professionals and C-suite executives. With an estimated approximate annual subscription rate of $30,000 per person, not counting consulting fees, the organization’s expertise doesn’t come cheap. But thanks to the firm’s often freely available insights, tools and Magic Quadrant reports on its own web site or those of vendors whose services Gartner has analyzed, the company’s website is worth a bookmark. The consultancy’s conferences and seminars, which include the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit and its annual IT Symposium and Xpo, deserve consideration, too. 

 2 Computerworld 

Started as a print newspaper in the 1970s, Computerworld is now a Foundry website with representatives in dozens of countries worldwide. The IT industry media outlet covers a range of enterprise technology subjects. With news analysis, how-to content, opinion pieces and reviews, not to mention newsletters and events, Computerworld provides IT decision makers with relevant information needed to better inform purchases and management. The site also provides blogs, white papers and webcasts to help ensure everyone from support techs and network administrators to CIOs and CTOs receive the industry information they need in the format they require. 

3 ZDNet 

Now owned by Red Ventures, ZDNet traces a proud 30-year history to its 1991 launch as the ZiffNet technology industry site hosted by Compuserve that morphed into a popular web presence. Publishing news, how-to guidance, reviews, videos and newsletters in multiple countries, ZDNet’s carved a role within the IT industry with its unbiased takes on technologies, trends and photo galleries. Everyone from support and help desk technicians to project managers and CIOs will find trusted guidance they can incorporate into their daily routine to keep their industry knowledge current. 

4 TechRepublic 

Founded in Louisville, Kentucky, TechRepublic is well into its second decade of service. The website produces industry-related information across a variety of topic channels, including security, big data, cloud, tech and work, artificial intelligence and mobility. Recently acquired by TechnologyAdvice, the site’s doubling-down on researching and publishing content that assists corporate technology buyers in making informed decisions, while continuing to dedicate resources to the technical instruction so important to maintaining skills and expertise as new operating systems, software packages, hardware and other innovations are released. 

5 Info-Tech Research Group 

Providing research, tools, templates, benchmarking and diagnostic programs, training, advice, insights and events and workshops, Info-Tech Research Group is similar to Gartner. However, multiple pricing packages are available, including a team membership running $3,100 a year for small businesses. With featured research covering CIO, infrastructure, operations, security, vendor management, enterprise architecture, applications, and business intelligence topics, among others, the IT service management company publishes a range of best-practice guides, analysis, advice and guidance. 

Honorable Mentions 

Narrowing a list of the best sites offering IT advice necessarily omits a number of other compelling outlets. Here are but a few Honorable Mentions worthy of your bookmarks and time: 

  • AnandTech – Begun as a comprehensive independent site, Future acquired this popular resource that reliably publishes knowledgeable information on hardware and software topics, supplemented by trustworthy reviews and a wide collection of “best” guides.
  • Ars Technica – Now owned by Advance, Ars Technica began as an independent site that continues publishing unbiased technology opinions, analysis and news.
  • CISA – The US’ Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) regularly publishes announcements, advisories and guidance recommending actions private companies should take to strengthen cybersecurity protections.
  • CNET – Long entrusted for technology news and reviews, CNET has recently completed a bold new relaunch under new Red Ventures
  • eWeek – Now a TechnologyAdvice property, eWeek is a reliably publisher of technology news and information.
  • Forrester – A subscription-based analyst with an international presence, Forrester regularly publishes analyst reports assisting IT decision makers and technology executives with their operational strategies and purchasing decisions.
  • IDC – Maintaining an expansive collection of technology news and analysis, the international organization regularly publishes technology industry information, research and statistics.
  • InfoWorld – Originally started as a print magazine in the late 1970s, the outlet continues today as another Foundry web-only property known for news, how-to features, reviews, videos and similar content targeting everyone from software developers to CSOs.
  • TechCrunch – Owned and operated by Yahoo, this popular site publishes tech-focused newsletters, news and podcasts.
  • Tom’s Hardware – Another Future property, Tom’s Hardware publishes widely trusted reviews of hardware components and products.


If you’re seeking skilled technical expertise and guidance, drop us a line. We follow all these sites, while also maintaining continual education efforts, attending industry events and participating in vendor symposiums. You can contact a Louisville Geek professional or book an appointment today.