Top Password Managers for 2021

Now that working remotely is here to stay, keeping your online data secure is essential. It’s no secret that the best way to protect this online data is with a strong password. Gone are the days of using your street address, birthdays, or middle names as passwords. The criteria for making passwords have changed, requiring you to assemble a string of randomly assorted characters, numbers, and letters to make a rock-solid password. Remembering and keeping up with these poses many challenges for our day-to-day activities. Choosing the right password manager can save you from this struggle and from many headaches.


Dashlane is a consistent performer on lists for top password managers of 2021, but ranks as one of the more expensive options out there. It’s easy to use and well designed and syncs between multiple devices. The VPN feature makes browsing the web safe while on Wi-Fi hotspots, and the premium service option monitors the dark web for any breaches and sends alerts if any of your data is found stolen.


Compatible with all operating systems and browsers, 1Password offers a nice balance of compatibility, features, functionality, and price. This tool will help you identify weak, recycled, and compromised passwords and walks you through changing them into strong ones. Passwords can be encrypted, and the easy-to-follow language makes it simple for anyone to use, especially families.


LastPass consistently earns top rankings as one of the best free password managers available, but this changes in March. To use LastPass on mobile and personal computers will require a paid plan now. There is a master password recovery to help you get back into LastPass, along with multifactor authentication and a password generator feature.


Keeper is another popular password management app out on the market right now. Its powerful features like two-factor authentication support, password histories, and a messaging platform make it easy and enjoyable to use. Keeper is available at no cost but only on one single device. The paid subscriptions come with a wider range of cybersecurity services, with separate plans for personal, business, enterprise, or MSP entities.

Sticky Password

Sticky Password has a full-featured free version that offers an unlimited number of saved passwords, two-factor authentication, biometric sign-in, and works on all devices and browsers. Its paid plan will allow synchronization between devices and provides cloud backup and secure password sharing support.

Keeping track of passwords is no easy task. Picking the right password manager can help you manage and practice good password maintenance while keeping your online data secure and guarded. There are lots of options to choose from, so be sure to do your due diligence when researching the right one for you.

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