Why Intune Should Be a Part of Your Cybersecurity Strategy

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s how to get our work done from anywhere at any time. Whether it was joining a Zoom call from your tablet or chatting with teammates on your smartphone through Microsoft Teams, we made it happen. While this new hybrid work model is here to stay for the foreseeable future, it can pose a whole new set of challenges when trying to keep your business and its data under lock and key.

Enter Microsoft Intune.

What is Intune?

Intune, a cloud-based service that manages company-owned devices and applications on those devices, is a part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility & Security Suite, or EMS. While designed to integrate with the EMS portfolio, Intune can operate as a standalone application.

A notable feature of Intune is how it integrates with Azure Active Directory and Azure Information Protection, giving Intune the ability to maintain a separation between corporate and personal data on mobile devices, which is a key component of Intune’s operational capabilities.

What does Intune Do?

A part of the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center, Intune has a comprehensive dashboard where administrators can operate. From here, you can enroll devices in Intune, set security rules and configurations for how employees access company data, set up threat protection, and enable PIN requirements. Additional features are available, depending on your organization’s desired control settings on company devices.

How do I purchase Intune for my company?

InTune is easy to use and a holistic approach to securing your data. Customizable to meet different needs for different sizes of customers and businesses, it is available on a per device basis or through a Microsoft 365 subscription. Intune comes in the Microsoft 365 Enterprise plans, Microsoft 365 Frontline Workers Plans, the Enterprise Mobility + Security Plans, and the Microsoft 365 Government plans.

Maintaining access rights to company data through applications on mobile devices for an entire team can seem overwhelming, but with Intune, it is a feat easily achieved for anyone. If your organization is interested in learning how you can deploy Intune, please contact us, and we will have someone reach out to you to get you started.

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