Surveillance is a highly debated topic these days but using surveillance in your business may sometimes be a necessity. When it comes to the overall safety and security of your business, there is no better way than installing a video surveillance system. There are many advantages to consider when deciding whether your business needs a video surveillance system for your business.

Reduce/Prevent Theft

Installing surveillance cameras in a business can help prevent crimes such as vandalism and theft as well as break-ins. Appropriately placing surveillance cameras around your business can act as a crime deterrent. When criminals see a surveillance camera, or employees know surveillance is in place, it discourages criminal activity.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time remote video monitoring can be very beneficial for businesses. Commercial video surveillance will allow approved employees to monitor critical areas of the business continuously. Best of all, this monitoring can be completed from computer, mobile phones, or tablets anywhere, anytime.

Protect Employees

Video surveillance systems protect employees both directly and indirectly. Surveillance systems can help reduce sexual harassment in the workplace and reduce incidents of violence.

Reduce Insurance Costs

Installing surveillance cameras is an easy way to save money on your business insurance.  Many insurance providers today offer discounted insurance rates when you buy surveillance cameras for your store or office.

Maintain Records

Our camera systems allow users to store all recorded footage digitally in the cloud. Digital storage provides an easier searching capability, which makes it easier to find the footage anytime you want.

Access Live And Recorded Video With Your Mobile Device

  • View live and recorded video from multiple systems simultaneously on your mobile device
  • Free download for any number of users
  • Connect and view up to 48 surveillance cameras at one time
  • Stay connected with your office from anywhere at any time of day

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