Datto Business Continuity

Datto’s Business Continuity Solutions protect your organization from downtime, regardless of the status or condition of your physical servers or network. Their scalable solutions not only enable companies to backup their data, but recover entire systems in mere minutes.

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Datto Solutions: Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions We Stand Behind

For a business to survive over the long run, it must be prepared to overcome major disasters and routine calamities. When disaster strikes, you want to be the exception—the business that recovers swiftly because it was better prepared and more resilient. Our Datto backup solutions are an all-in-one business continuity and disaster recovery solution (BCDR) that ensures your data is completely safe and allows you to restore and recover in just minutes; not hours or days.

Datto ALTO 3

Datto ALTO is a small一yet very powerful powerful一business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution built to minimize downtime and to efficiently prevent data loss for  small businesses.

  • Instantly restore any backup as a virtual machine off-site in the cloud
  • Each backup is tested and verified that it can be restored
  • Backup and restore entire systems in minutes
  • Backup and protect a maximum of four (4) servers or PCs


Datto SIRIS 4 is an all-in-on BCDR (business continuity) solution that provides total data protection in a single integrated package. The Datto SIRIS 4 allows businesses to easily protect physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure running on Windows, Mac, or Linux. abuilt to prevent data loss and minimize downtime for your business. Users can protect physical and virtual infrastructure running on Windows or Linux.

  • Engineered with the latest generation Intel Xeon and Skylake CPUs, enabling you to run complex virtualized environments easily
  • High endurance cache drive with Intel’s Optane NVMe SSD, enabling virtualization in under 6 seconds
  • Equipped with error-correcting (ECC) RAM to ensure no data gets corrupted

Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure

The Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure solution backs up your entire Office 365 account, including Exchange online emails, SharePoint data, OneDrive files and your contacts and calendar.

  • Automatic Microsoft 365 backups 3 times every day
  • Intelligent retry logic means Backupify can efficiently maneuver Microsoft API throttling to protect TBs of data fast
  • Cloud managed UI does not require on-prem infrastructure, enabling admins to check-in on backup status anytime, anywhere
  • Setup takes only 5 minutes
  • New user detection and automatic archiving of departing employees for seamless user lifecycle management and dramatic licensing cost savings


Considering 85% of SMBs have reported experiencing a ransomware attack over the past two years, suffering a breach is not a question of “if?” but a question of “when?”

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