Building, maintaining, and improving vendor relationships is a core piece of our business. By developing strong strategic partnerships with industry-leading technology vendors, we have enabled opportunities to improve and maintain competencies, gain access to advanced resources, and negotiate cost savings that can be passed on to each of our clients. By partnering with us, your company and team gain access to these relationships and the benefits we have earned, simplifying your supply chain and allowing you to take advantage of perks you otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

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clear communication channels

Strong vendor relationships establish clear communication channels allowing for long-term cohesive collaboration. Improving customer service, go to market times, and overall operations.

flexible supply chain

Our wide range of vendor relationships creates a flexible supply chain that can adapt to changing market conditions. This improves delivery times, minimizes risks, and suppresses disruptions.

identify opportunities

By understanding the unique strengths of our vendor partners, we can identify opportunities to deliver multiple options based on your goals, needs, team competencies, and industry requirements.


Dell Technologies is an industry leader in information technology hardware, software, and service solutions. By achieving all necessary competency requirements set by Dell, Louisville Geek has earned the status of a Dell EMC Gold Certified Partner and has the full support of Dell as a brand representative. Our long-standing partnership allows us to provide an assortment of solutions and technologies for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Dell has been a trusted partner for many years, and it continues to be a trusted provider of technology solutions for our team and our clients.

What Dell has to say about Louisville Geek

“As a Gold tiered Partner with Dell EMC, Louisville Geek has consistently supported their hands-on approach to their clients with dependable, adaptive, and future-proofed solutions that maneuver the ever-changing business technology landscape. Their commendable approach to ongoing education with the latest and greatest hardware and software keeps them in the top tier of IT providers throughout the region.”

-Caleb Bell, Global Commercial Channels, Dell Technologies

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By providing reliable products and solutions that meet the backup, recovery, and business continuity needs, Datto is a trusted partner of Louisville Geek. Their wide range of products protect and ensure organizations can continue to access their data, and operate smoothly in the event of an untimely interruption to their networks like unintentional employee errors, disgruntled ex-employees, natural disaster, or malicious activity.

What Datto Has To Say About Louisville Geek

“As an Enterprise Tier Partner, Louisville Geek has become a tremendous teammate of Datto’s in protecting small businesses from Ransomware. We know they will always provide their clients with a custom Backup and Disaster Recovery solution tailored to fit their needs.”

-Sam Ledversis, Channel Account Manager, Datto


Since 1991, SonicWall has long been synonymous with security. Their products address a wide range of cybersecurity needs such as network security, access security, cloud security, and endpoint security. Many small and medium-sized businesses, enterprise companies, and government organizations will find a holistic approach to their cybersecurity needs with SonicWall. As a Gold certified partner, Louisville Geek has collaborated and established a close working relationship with SonicWall to meet all the requirements for their partnership program.

What Sonicwall Has To Say About Louisville Geek

“Louisville Geek continues to impress in all aspects of the partnership with SonicWall. Our relationship has been one of mutual learning and effort put into solving customers’ challenges within the cybersecurity space. The LouGeek team is responsive, positive, helpful, and innovative. They’ve been open to whatever we’ve thrown their way, and also like to have fun in the process. It’s refreshing to have a partner with such tight customer relationships and an obvious emphasis on success and growth. We look forward to many more years of working together.”

-Alice Strange, Channel Account Manager, SonicWall

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Sophos is among the leading providers in next generation cybersecurity, and is one of the newest Louisville Geek vendor partners. Their portfolio boasts an impressive line of security products and solutions designed to protect networks from evolving cybercriminal tactics and techniques. Customers are sure to find their security needs in a vendor like Sophos with products ranging from their all-inclusive XG Firewall to their Managed Threat Response Solution.

What Sophos Has to Say About Louisville Geek

“The entire Louisville Geek team has been remarkable in on-boarding and executing the Sophos solution suite. Their willingness to train, communicate and execute has been a national model of excellence.”

-Chad Scott, Channel Account Executive, Sophos


Microsoft is a technology company known globally with little need for introduction. As a leader in developing, manufacturing, licensing, and supporting business-oriented computer software and information technologies, they’ve maintained their status as a critical partner for businesses in every industry. As a Microsoft partner, we have met all the criteria set out by Microsoft to be a representative and trusted reseller of their products and services. Our partnership with Microsoft has given us the opportunity to consult with businesses and individuals from all spectrums.

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CISCO Meraki is one of the leading providers of unified management of mobile devices, Macs, PCs, and an entire network from a centralized dashboard. This partnership gives us an advantage over our competitors. Their most trusted products are Wireless LAN, Meraki Insight, Smart Cameras, and Endpoint Management.

What CISCO Meraki Has To Say About Louisville Geek

“Working with the entire Louisville Geek team is always a delight. They are easy-going, helpful, understanding and a wonderful partner. The engineers and sales team are extremely knowledgeable, but also hungry to always be learning more. I know that I can always count on the LouGeek team to help me, as I would always do everything in my power to do the same for them.”

-Rachel Soloway, US Commercial – Kentucky, CISCO Meraki

Get the deals you deserve from the technology partners your business relies on

Leverage our established relationships to get the best deal possible for your next project or technology update. From workstations to comprehensive network solutions, we can deliver the cutting edge technologies that will prepare your business and team for the future backed by the local engineers and technicians at Louisville Geek.

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