Introducing Louisville Geek’s Technical Concierge Team

IT Managed Services is a complex business, and an even tougher business during a pandemic. As an essential business, Louisville Geek was fortunate enough to keep its doors open to support its clients as they shifted many of their employees to working remotely. Because of the safety and health hazards from COVID-19, there was an urgency to get businesses operating from a safe, remote, and secure environment as quickly as possible. However, this swift transition brought on many challenges, even for us, as we all worked diligently to adjust to this new normal.

We realized we needed to expand our expectations and standards in how we operate and service our clients. Previously when you called in for technical support, you would reach a technician directly. This process caused clients to receive varying technicians for support issues or placed them in a queue to hear back from their preferred technician. During a sensitive time like this, businesses cannot wait for technical support. Now more than ever, their ability to operate is crucial to their business.

We are excited to introduce a new team to Louisville Geek. The Technical Support Concierge Team looks forward to providing our clients a direct liaison to assist them through the process of receiving technical support in a timely fashion.

Our Technical Support Concierge Team is here to accomplish the following

  • Manage support ticket calls and emails to avoid long wait queues
  • Submit your support ticket and receive a support ticket number
  • Team members are located at the Louisville Geek office and can escalate tickets to engineers
  • Assist in coordinating work and scheduling service delivery
  • Follow up with clients and provide support ticket status updates

We recognize how COVID-19 has impacted our clients. It is our goal to work harder to meet your business’s changing needs. Louisville Geek will continue listening, supporting, and adjusting to the needs of our clients so that they can keep running their business.

Louisville Geek provides comprehensive managed IT services for a diverse range of businesses and non-profit organizations. We are passionate about IT and love what we do!

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