Microsoft 365 NCE Customers Billed Monthly Can Save 20 Percent By Switching To An Annual Plan Before July 1

On July 1st, Microsoft will automatically raise pricing for Microsoft 365 New Commerce Experience (NCE) customers remaining on month-to-month billing plans. By committing to an annual agreement before the deadline, customers can save 20 percent—a significant savings, especially considering the July increase is in addition to the 15-percent commercial pricing hike Microsoft introduced last winter.

Organizations that move to an annual billing agreement before July 1st can still pay monthly with no additional cost; Microsoft 365 NCE customers need only convert their existing subscriptions to an annual commitment.

If your organization hasn’t yet converted to an annual Microsoft 365 NCE billing plan, contact Louisville Geek at 502-897-7577 or by emailing [email protected] before June 30th. Time is running out!

Louisville Geek twice previously alerted customers to these impending Microsoft 365 NCE pricing changes. You can read both of those previous announcements using these links:

As those announcements previously noted, Microsoft is making other changes to Microsoft 365 pricing plans, too. The company is changing cancellation policies to avoid prorated refunds 72 hours after purchase. Companies can also opt to purchase some Microsoft 365 subscriptions on an annual basis, while leaving other plans on a month-to-month basis. In such cases, the 20-percent price increase will apply only to the month-to-month plans.

The pricing plan changes are being introduced to standardize licensing programs and simplify account administration, according to Microsoft. Resulting efficiencies will hopefully assist Microsoft in avoiding future price increases.

Certainly, the number of Microsoft 365 subscription plans and varying pricing options (month-to-month, annual or three-year arrangements) can prove confusing. If you’re unsure whether you’re on the proper plan or pricing model, contact Louisville Geek at 502-897-7577 or by email at [email protected] before June 30th. And, please remember, subscription plan changes could take a business day or two to process.