Why Microsoft Team’s Integration with Outlook Might Change Email Forever

Microsoft continues to expand the productivity capabilities of its powerful business applications. Rolling out in March of 2021, Microsoft Teams will integrate with Outlook, a feature that will ensure users never have to miss a moment when they disconnect from the Teams application. This will be a tool that will prove to be especially useful for the business user.

What to expect with this integration?

The common thread among these new features will be the ability for a user to stay productive and not miss out on conversations, documents, or actionable items.

Users can share a conversation or status update from one specific Team to people not included in that Team chat or to individuals outside of their organization. With this ability to give real-time updates to clients or share details of a conversation with people, you ensure important and crucial information is not lost in translation.

Catch up on all missed conversations if you are pulled away from chats. Users will receive the latest replies in conversations that they were in and can directly reply to that message straight from Outlook. Time-sensitive tasks can be addressed even during a prolonged absence from your Teams channel.

Send attachments and email messages directly to Teams. Users can start new channels based on the topic of that attachment or message. If a client sends you information that outlines their expectations and details for a given project, start a new channel from this information.

As the workday continues to shift and adjust with the emergence of the new remote workforce, Microsoft continues to make it easier to collaborate wherever you are, even on the go. If you are interested in learning more about these features and how to incorporate them into your daily business operations, please contact us, and we’ll get you started.

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