Offsite Backup

You’re Not Backing Up Properly Unless You Have Offsite Backups

Every business should understand the importance of backing up important company data. Should a disaster occur, whether a data breach, weather-related event, political turmoil or anything else, data is at risk. If data backup is configured improperly, those digital assets can disappear forever or become damaged and compromised.

In today’s complex data environment, copying data at night to external hard drives on premise is no longer efficient nor recommended. This form of backup is an outdated process that’s neither secure or reliable. In addition, if backup external hard drives are taken offsite, you run the risk of having your valuable data stolen or lost. Louisville Geek recommends automatic off-site backups during non-peak business hours.  These backups should be securely encrypted and available for restore at any time.  Louisville Geek’s remote backup solutions meet all of these criteria.

Colocation/Dedicated Server Options

Our secure, scalable and redundant infrastructure provides the optimal environment for housing your servers and network components. Louisville Geek’s data center was built to military specifications for the U.S. Navy to withstand enemy attack, tornadoes and other disasters. Internet and network security is enhanced by Promia Raven Critical Infrastructure Protection – tested and proven in military deployments around the world, including Naval Operating Centers.

Leading Causes for Data Loss

Louisville Geek’s backups are automatic so you can rest assured that backups are being done on the regular schedule that you set.  We also consistently monitor your backups to ensure that the correct files are being backed up.  What good is a backup if it’s not the correct data, right? Also worth noting is that Louisville Geek allows you to determine the level of versions to retain.  You can also apply different retention policies to different backup groups providing you a level of flexibility to match your business needs.  Your data is easily accessible if it needs to be restored.  The backup system can be quickly accessed by another server and restored in a timely fashion.The infrastructure is housed in our data center bringing you all of the advantages of our redundant, protected environment.