Will Power Cords be a Thing of the Past?

How awesome would it be if you never had to untangle another power cord ever again?  If Meredith Perry has her way, Power Cords may be a thing of the past. And we’re perfectly fine with it.

Meredith Perry grew tired of dealing with her long and bulky power cords so she decided to do something about them. She invented uBeam; a super, sleek, square of a transmitter just smaller than the size of a file folder that emits ultrasonic frequencies. She created the receiver, that could possibly be used as a smartphone case, that “resonates at the same high frequency and turns that imperceptible movement into energy, charging the phone.”

There is a growing demand for wireless charging in today’s market and Perry and her team are on top of it. “Called magnetic inductive technology, this option requires a device, whether it be a cellphone or electric toothbrush, to be touching a base or a pad.” Wireless charging is termed far-field charging. Even though some devices, such as pad-based wireless charging, are on the market, true wireless charging is still in the innovation phase. The demand is expected to grow to around $10 billion in just five years.

Pretty cool stuff.  Click here to read more about uBeam and Meredith Perry.