Campaign to Fight Hackers Continues

Google reports that malware and phishing attacks have increased 350 percent since the beginning of the year. Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated which means that it’s important now more than ever for users to understand the difference between legitimate emails and spoofed emails. So naturally, it makes sense to hear that Microsoft is continuing to evolve its portfolio of threat protection solutions in their efforts to combat hacking. As part of the XDR and SIEM defender toolkit series, Microsoft Defender for Office 365 brings an integrated solution to organizations. Security professionals now have a holistic approach in the fight against phishing attacks.

How do I get these tools?

Formerly “Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection,” Microsoft Defender for Office 365 offers a line of protection tools in an Office 365 subscription. With the right subscription you can have many of these tools right at your fingertips. Read More: Which Microsoft 365 Plan Is Right For My Business?

What does it do?

Phishing, or an email attack that tries to take sensitive information from someone, can come in many forms like ransomware, spear phishing, whaling, or business email compromise (BEC). Microsoft Defender for Office 365 safeguards business from these types of malicious compromises.

What can you do with it?

Let’s break down some of the features.

Anti-Malware Protection Tools

This toolkit works to protect users from attacks like malware, phishing, spam, and spoofing. The anti-malware feature runs multiple scans to catch malware in its earliest stages. Anti-phishing offers an Attack Simulator, which can help educate users to learn how to identify the differences between the fake emails and the real emails.

Anti-Spam utilities filter spam email into a “Junk” email folder. This filter also checks users’ outbound messages and its content. With anti-spoofing, messages are filtered from internal and external domains that have come from somewhere or someone other than its actual origin. Additionally, email authentication ensures the legitimacy of messages that pretend to be from senders in your domain.

Safe Links Protection

Safe Links is an added feature that also provides protection outside of email messages, like Microsoft Teams and Office 365 applications. Safe links scans attachments, documents, and filters and checks messages before they get delivered to recipients.

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, so will phishing attempts. The tools are out there. contact Louisville Geek to take advantage of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 and improve your organization’s security posture. Stop attacks before they happen. We have a team of certified Microsoft 365 Engineers who can configure the tools right for your business.

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