The goal of this calculator is to provide you with a ballpark estimate on what your organization could expect to pay for 24/7 tech support. Our intention is to bring transparency into what it takes to power modern businesses from an IT perspective. Please note that this is only an estimate. All organizations are unique and have different requirements.

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What is Snowflake Technology?

Snowflake provides companies with the tools to navigate their data and multi-cluster computer, even when it is housed on servers run by different vendors.
Teams Together Mode with Louisville Geek

How To Set Up Together Mode In Teams

Teams Together mode is a new meeting experience that places participants in a shared digital background, making it feel like you’re sitting in the same room with everyone in your meeting.
Teams Together Mode with Louisville Geek

A Small Business Guide to Local Search Engine Optimization

For small businesses, the best way to begin your Search Engine Optimization is to start at the local level. Local SEO is not necessarily about getting to the top of Google for a variety of different keywords. When beginning the optimization of your website, the first phase could be seen as building a rapport with Google.