Getting The Most Out of Your Office 365 Suite of Applications

As an IT Managed Services Provider with over 15 years of experience serving SMB’s, we understand that technology is a major investment for any business, no matter the size. At Louisville Geek, one of our main objectives is to ensure our clients are leveraging their technology spend and generating as much ROI from their investment as possible.

As a Microsoft Gold partner who has provided Office 365 support to SMB’s for several years, we’ve observed that a great number of organizations don’t understand the additional value that can be realized with some of the applications that come baked into the most Office 365 business and enterprise plans. Sometimes, it’s because they genuinely don’t have a use for them, but oftentimes, these clients simply aren’t aware of everything they have access to, which is why we are excited to announce that we are rolling out a new series which is geared towards covering some of the lesser-known Office 365 applications that come with most Office 365 business and enterprise plans.

Our goal for this Office 365 application awareness series is not to provide the same type of review that you can find on the Microsoft website. We want to provide you with an honest evaluation of the applications. We’ll provide you with practical examples of how each application could potentially benefit your business, and we’ll also be providing a behind the curtain look at how Louisville Geek utilizes each tool.

During the upcoming months, we’ll be reviewing the following Microsoft Office 365 applications

  • Modern SharePoint

    • Microsoft SharePoint has seen quite a revitalization over the past few years. If you ever dabbled in the classic version of SharePoint, then you know a resurgence of the application was both inevitable and completely necessary. If classic SharePoint was a VHS player, Modern SharePoint is a Smart TV. Modern SharePoint is a whole new user experience, which comes equipped with a new look and addresses many of the nagging usability issues the classic version could never have imagined. Learn More >
  • Teams

    • Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace recently that replaced Skype for Business. Teams is a complete chat and online meeting solution that allows users to host audio, video and web conferences, screenshare, share and upload files, and chat with anyone inside or outside your organization. Learn More >
  • Planner

    • Microsoft Planner is a task management tool included in most Office 365 plans and is very comparable to other Project Management tools such as Trello and Asana. With its easy integration with other Microsoft applications, taking advantage of this simple application can help you coordinate your team efforts and create a more efficient workflow. Learn More >
  • Forms

    • Microsoft Forms is yet another Office 365 application that, for whatever reason, doesn’t get the amount of notoriety that it should. If you’ve ever wanted an easy way to create custom surveys, quizzes, polls, and questionnaires, it’s likely that Microsoft Forms has been the application you’ve been searching for the entire time. Learn More >
  • Stream

    • Microsoft Stream is a video service that allows members of your organization to upload, watch, and share videos in a secure manner. Microsoft Stream makes it possible for you to share video content of meetings, training sessions, classes, and live events to help facilitate collaboration for your organization’s teams. Just like in YouTube, you can use Stream to organize videos by channels (e.g. training, HR, entertainment). Learn More >
  • Yammer

    • People often describe Yammer as the Facebook for business, a social network platform for a company. It gives employees the ability to share information, post polls, updates, events and announcements; to which their coworkers can comment, like and vote. You can use Yammer through your browser, or you can install Yammer on your desktop or mobile device. Learn More >
  • Sway

    • Coming Soon!
  • Bookings

    • Coming Soon!

We hope you’ll join us as we embark on this series, and as always, we’d love to hear your feedback!